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This is an over the top ejaculation. One that has been building and feels like you bursted an artery once it happens.
LaWanda, its been a while since I've had any action, so if you put your hand on my inner thigh one more time, I'm gonna have a fricken maneurjism.
by Moral Oral April 18, 2009
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This is the male version of fibromyalgia. This is a medical condition that causes males (Grown Men) to whine and complain like little bitches. It is easily recognizable, a typical flare up of fibromangina may include complaints of non visible pains, explanations of how the patient has experienced or is going through unspeakable difficult times that you just can't imagine or how he was wronged at work just to name a few. Studies have shown that there is reason to be alarmed due to the rising numbers of effected males over the last 10 or so years. The research has not found a cure, but there is promise of slowing down the spread of this condition by regular smacks in the face and plenty of kicks in the ass of younger growing males.
co-worker 1 >>> "I can't deal with that little bitch Jacob any more, all he does is fucking whine about shit all day"

co-worker 2 >>> " Dude, give the kid a break, he's just been diagnosed with fibromangina. That shit really mess's with you. I heard it can eventually causes you to grow tits if you don't get a grip on it".
by Moral Oral October 09, 2013
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This is a woman who chooses adoption over the conventional method of bringing a child into the world. She is to posh to push and to nice to slice, so she adopts.
After seeing her sisters give birth to their children through natural and cesarian methods, Abagail figured she was to posh to push and To Nice To Slice so she chose to adopt.
by Moral Oral April 22, 2009
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