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A choice-based horror game where you're supposed to save some 8 horny teenagers (Mike - slut, Jess - slut, Emily - slut, Ashley - whiny bitch, Chris - nerd, Josh - nerd, Matt - future husband, Sam - future wife). Also - this game makes you wonder: "How are these kids 'friends'?"

The hardest part about saving these bitches is NOT the QTE algorithm - rather, it's the fact that each one is so annoying that YOU might not WANT to save them.
Emily: "Help me, Matt!"


Players: *JUMP TO SAFETY* "See ya, bitch!"
by Mixed Dude December 30, 2020
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Apple's latest cash grab and first cell division model. Supercedes the Iphone X and can magically turn any human being into a professional photographer.
Employee: "Here's your iPhone 11."

Customer: "Thanks! I can't wait to learn about mitosis!"
by Mixed Dude December 30, 2020
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The sequel to Disney's "Frozen" with less singable songs than its predecessor. Doesn't live of to the original film in some aspects, but still classic-worthy.

Okay plot. Great vocals. Phenomenal graphics.

This movie follows lesbian protagonist Elsa and her Millenial sister Anna on their journey "Into the Unknown." Teenagers seem to love it.
"Mom! I LOVE Frozen 2! Into the unknoOOOOOOown!!"

"Tiffany - darling. Can you please shut the fuck up?"
by Mixed Dude December 30, 2020
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Part of the Adriatic Sea, but rumored as a city in Italy. The movie "Atlantis" was based on this place.
Northern Italians: "We want a beach closer to us!"

Global Warming: "No problem!" *submerges Venice*
by Mixed Dude December 30, 2020
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