To be dressed up (and perhaps unnecessarily overdressed) in your best clothes ready for a big night out or occasion. From an archaic British military term meaning accidentally wearing dress uniform when it's not required. It has nothing to do with email 'spam'.
"Get you, all spammed up and ready to rumble!" or "Right, I've just got time to get spammed up before we go out for dinner."
by Flywheel July 24, 2015
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A method of adding an excess amount of words in order to fill in empty space in an essay, to meet length requirements. Usually used by students in the high school and college levels.
Brenden: Oh crap! I spent so much time with Jane that i forgot to finish my thesis! I'll never finish it by tomorrow!

Clark: Dude, chillax. All you gotta do is spam it up.
by audiio_ May 05, 2009
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