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Man-o-plasm refers to a 'load' of very viscous, cloudy white semen that is ejaculated from a man's wanger upon orgasm. It is named 'man-o-plasm' as it resembles the eerie substance that ghostly apparitions are said to leave behind (made famous in the movie Ghostbusters).

See also: rectoplasm
Egon: there were definitely ghosts here Peter, look, there's some ectoplasm in the corner...

Peter: Egon, you fuck, that isn't ectoplasm.. Ray was over in that corner there earlier with a copy of Hustler.

Egon: shit, then it's just a load of man-o-plasm. Goddamn Ray, you filthy cunt.

Ray: Aw christ, WHAT NOW?!?
by Mirrorrim May 19, 2007
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Giant, sagging, wobbly, stretch-marked breasts that are so big you'd need a ready supply of oxygen to conquer them. Usually the only "attractive" feature a man can find on a grossly overweight woman, even when drunk as hell.
guy 1: "I was so tit-faced last night"
guy 2: "yeah, I could tell, you were in and about that fatty all night"
guy 1: "oh jesus, now I remember, did I try to conquer her mount everbreasts?"
guy 2: "you had to be revived by paramedics mate"
guy 1: "Sir Edmund would be ashamed"
by Mirrorrim August 15, 2007
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Someone so incredibly ugly that you would sooner stare at the dried shit stuck to a hogs ass hole than look at them.
"christ on a bike, did you see that girl Dave was with last night?!"

"man, she was so hog ass ugly, I wouldnt even fuck her with Dave's penis"
by Mirrorrim March 25, 2007
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When someone decides to opt out of a rather nerve racking task, instead of just growing some gonads and doing it.
Mike "yeah, Matt was gonna go on Oblivion at Alton Towers, but he totally bottled it."

Mark "yaaaaaaaay, jellies!"


after witnessing his love interest deciding to give the rollercoaster a miss, Matt then asked the attendant "can I bottle it aswell?"
by Mirrorrim August 13, 2007
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The accumulation of bacteria underneath the foreskin (see 'smegma') of a male human or ape, often appearing cheese-like in both smell and taste.
Boyfriend: do you want anything from the supermarket?
Girlfriend: yes, get me some cheese.
Boyfriend: ok cheese it is.
Girlfriend: wait no.. i can still taste your bell-cheddar in my fucking mouth. forget it!
by Mirrorrim July 13, 2006
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1. An expression of annoyance.

2. An general insult aimed at anything you like.
1. "ahh ballsacks, I just cut meself"

2. "saw Meet The Spartans last night.. what a load of total ballsacks that was"
by Mirrorrim March 30, 2008
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