An individual of either sex/gender who is attracted to older men, i.e., a silver fox.
"I can't decide who is more attractive, Mark Harmon, Hugh Laurie, or George Clooney!"
"God, you are such a foxhound..."
by SharkToothHooHaHa September 22, 2014
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Someone who looks for people to slap with a "hammer" in the face, usually without the slap'ees knowledge beforehand.
Put that back in your pants, you foxhound!

DUCK! The foxhound is after you!
by Permabanned June 11, 2011
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A guy who is always hunting for a good looking woman to fuck.
Snipes became a photographer because he is such a foxhound.
by Jill Gibb May 11, 2006
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A call for assistance or back up in the Battlefield 2 Special Forces First Person Shooter game. Used by the Special Air Service soldiers in the game when rallying for support units.
" We need more Foxhounds at our location"
by wylin923 January 20, 2006
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This saying comes from ancient monks just before going out to slaughter some insolent people. Before the monks would leave they would say "be right back" in such a way it would imply they would be back in a few minutes but in actual fact they would be out for hours.
12:58 - Ancient Monk: gonna brb
12:58 - Ancient Ninja: kk
Ancient Monk is now Offline.
Ancient Monk is now Online.
21:40 - Ancient Ninja: Welcome back?
21:40 - Ancient Monk: Aye
21:40 - Ancient Monk: ;D
21:40 - Ancient Ninja: You just did a Foxhound
by Ancient Ninja August 21, 2010
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