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Danielle is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet, she has an incredible smile that will light a room and always knows what to say when you're feeling down. She may not think she's perfect but she is perfect and truly amazing and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. She knows how to make everyone laugh and when your with her you'll always have a good time. She is truly the life of any party and without her everything would seem a little less brighter.
Danielle someone is beautiful and amazing.
by millsy September 30, 2013

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A person characterized by being elite in having an extensive knowledge of one or many useful, often difficult, but always socially 'uncool' subjects. Nerds are similar to geeks and may share geek interests (e.g. Star Wars, D&D) but what defines a nerd is that they have practical, not just trivial, expertise.
A nerd would rather organize a LAN party than a kegger.
by Millsy September 14, 2003

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A style of music that utilizes electronic and hip-hop techiques to create a somewhat sensual psychedelic soundscape. It is often characterized by its use of loops and samples of original jazz and blues recordings but with electronic beats, scratching, and mixing.
Hey I found the new Massive Attack album in the 'acid jazz' section. I thought they were Trip-hop.
by Millsy September 13, 2003

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bastardization of "ROFL". Initially used to mock peolpe who would use "ROFL" too often in IRC chats.
<newb> Omg ROFL th4t'$ Fu/\//\/y i r l337
<Who-Soup> orfl orfl! you rock buddy
by Millsy January 03, 2005

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A bed. see snozzle
I'm so tired. I need to go snozzle in my snozzle house.
by Millsy September 14, 2003

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For sure my nigger.
Dr. O: 'Hey Millsy, you goin' to the show?'

Millsy: 'Fo shizzle my nizzo!'
by Millsy September 14, 2003

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The essence of what is comforting, warm, fuzzy, intimate, and relaxing. This word can be used in many ways. See also snozzle house.
(v) to sleep, to cuddle...

Awwwww... baby, do you need to go snozzle?

(adj) Warm, secure, etc..
When it rains but you have the day off with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea, it's a snozzley day.

Where's my snozzle blanket?
by Millsy September 14, 2003

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