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Popular slang in the late 40s - early 60s referring to cannabis.
Billie Jean “man this sure was a great time till we ran out of jive
by Milkycunt69 April 29, 2019
Often used by those suffering from depression or heart break to “fast forward” through the day. The thought process is sleeping thru the day so as to not have to deal with there conscious thoughts and emotional pain.
Cameron: “Hey dude, you okay? You didn’t text back all day?”

Tanner: “yeah was just taking some depression naps, This Katie shit hurts”
by Milkycunt69 October 27, 2019
A mix of crack, bath salts and 13 liquified slim Jim’s.
Steve “life’s just so boring last night I watch ballers and did a mix of crack, bathsalts and 13 liquified slim Jim’s”

Sponsor: “ohh you fell of the deep end and did a hillbilly highball
by Milkycunt69 January 28, 2019
A term referring to male ejaculant infected with chlamydia
Taylor: nick came all over my hair with his damn sprite sauce again!
Sarah: that sucks.
by Milkycunt69 November 30, 2020
When an animal, generally dogs, lay on their stomachs with their hind legs stretched outward or behind them
by Milkycunt69 June 27, 2019
A method of smoking cannabis in which you place a blunt and or joint in the middle of a pack bowl of cannabis typically smoked out of a bong or pipe
Chad: “boys it’s brads last day smoking you know what this means”

Luke: “oh shit yeah time for a fucking Larry bowl boys”
by Milkycunt69 January 31, 2019
Only the best of blowjobs that end with the most orgasmic finish
Kyle: “dude jade gave me that guck guck 9000 last night and damnnn

Lexi: “I gave Kyle that guck guck 9000 last night and he couldn’t even move”
by Milkycunt69 October 23, 2019