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The true, secret name of the Backstreet Boys. Considering that Behind The Music That Sucks has already outed them as a band of merry pretenders, there isn't much more to say. But, I will anyway. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, per say, but one should not masquerade a bunch of prepubescent little pillow-biters as a heterosexual pop band with talent. They should let everyone know how little talent they have.
Yuck, I saw the Backdoor Boys on TRL, and BOY were they talentless!
by Mikey G September 11, 2003
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It is a current band of fudgepackers that can't sing or dance but like to get together.
Tom, Ronnie, Shaun, and Bryan formed the Backdoor Boys to hide their secret love for each other.
by John Lewis January 13, 2004
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