When something really good happens unexpectedly. The bonus sometimes has a double meaning, as it often can be viewed as something negative or a tragedy. This is not a requirement of a double bonus however, as 'double' does not mean the bonus must have double meanings, it means the bonus is really good. often only because it is so unexpected.
Ex 1

Person 1: "So this cop was chasing me on the freeway and he wrecked..."

Person 2: "Nice. Double bonus."

Ex 2

Person 1: "I went into our new roommates room to turn off his alarm and I found a naked stripper tied to his bed."

Person 2: "Ah, but would you call that a bad thing, or double bonus?"
by MikeBGSU May 28, 2009
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The act of fisting a girl in the ass and the pussy at the same time. Bonus. Leaving no free hand to donkey punch you have to kick her in the back of the head. Double bonus.
AJ had Dani maxed out until he realised he was still wearing his boots. So he lifted his foot up and went for the double bonus.
by ColonelAngus November 18, 2005
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While in your session of taking a poop or dump, you decide to double bonus and masturbate while still on the toilet.
Dude I took the nicest dump, and then it turned into a double bonus.
by Cohack7 August 11, 2014
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