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When there's a group of hot chicks, slam pigs no doubt, it often includes one girl who is fuckin ugly. This is the goon bitch. She is not only less attractive, but she is also a massive (not literally, necessarily) cock block. Consequently, she spends a lot of time interrupting your conversations with the hot girls.

The two major qualifications, provided that she is in a group of hot chicks, are heinousness and a Ph. D in Cock Blockery.
Pirate #1: Ahoy! Slam pigs!
Pirate #2: Avast Matey, beware the goon bitch!!
by Mike Fellatio November 16, 2005
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Something said when you pwn someone so badly that you need to use a graphic blowjob metaphor.
Dear Lakers,

The way you're on my dick must really hurt your knees.

Love, the Pistons
by Mike Fellatio July 2, 2004
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A term used to describe a person who engages in dick dangling, an ancient asian sport where two men connect their penises with chains and pull until the other falls to his knees.

This term can also be used as an insult for someone you dislike.
by Mike Fellatio January 26, 2005
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A sexual act where the girl lies down on her back with her top off and the guy stands over her, finishing on her chest. He then turns around and squats down, dropping his balls on to her chest as he rubs them in his own ejaculate towards her stomach, leaving a trail of semen similar to the wake of a steamboat. As he finishes rubbing his balls over her stomach, he pumps his fists and yells "woo wooooo!!"
Guy standing with his friends
*phone rings*
guy *answers phone* "hello"
girl "woo woooo!"
guy *hangs up* i gotta go give this bitch a cleveland steamboat, i'll catch you guys on the flip side
by Mike Fellatio October 26, 2004
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The mental state where you are hilariously drunk. Probably blacked out drunk. You also might get the shit kicked out of you as a result. See also shit-housed, fucked up, shit-faced, hammered, wasted, trashed, and krunk.
Guy #1: Dude, you were shit-kicked last night!
Chuck Norris: I don't remember a thing, what did I do?
Guy #1: You went to a frat party... roundhouse kicked every popped collar in sight, drank three of their kegs and shit on the floor.
*Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Guy #1 in the face*
by Mike Fellatio November 20, 2005
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