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It's the feeling you get when you buy an iPhone and you suddenly feel as though you are the coolest person on the planet because you have a PHONE with an "i" in front of it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to every iDouche especially if it's their first iDevice. Typically the iDouche grows up and out of the phase. Sometimes not...
Normal person: I'm gonna get the Kobe burger with fries and slaw and a Root Beer. What're you gonna get?
iDouche: Dude, I love my phone. I got a shitload of new "apps." You know they call it an app because it's made by "Apple." I got this one...
NP (interrupting): You dumbfuck, it's an app because it's an "APPlication." Anyway, who gives a shit? It's a phone. The waiter is waiting for your order.
iD: Dude, you don't understand. It's an iPhone. It's so much more than a phone. It can...
NP (interrupting again because the iDouche won't shut the fuck up about his piece of shit phone): Shut the fuck up. You're just suffering from the iPhone effect. Now order so we can eat.
by Michael S Stevens January 27, 2010
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Any otherwise "normal" electrical device that is rendered uber-cool simply because it was manufactured by Apple and they put an "i" in front of it. Typically, they do nothing that other maker's devices don't do but they are more expensive. iDevices breed iDouches.
iDouche: Hey, John. Check out my new iRemote. Fuckin' $600!
Normal person: Never heard of that iDevice. What's it do?
iD: It controls all my AV components.
NP: Hmmm... I've had a Harmony One remote for a long time. Controls everything as well. $200!
iD: But your's isn't an iRemote.
NP: Does the iRemote do anything mine doesn't?
iD: No, but it's an iRemote.
NP: You're a fucking idiot.
by Michael S Stevens January 27, 2010
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Vaccum a Lower Unit. Slang for suck a dick when it may not be approriate for profanity such as accessing a bulletin board from work.
by Michael S Stevens August 2, 2007
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Anyone over the age of 18 that uses a "social networking" site to make imaginary friends.
Face fag: I, like, announced my party on Facebook, like, and, uh, then Mary said she would, like, make it after her, like, spa treatment, and, like...
Me: You fucking face fag
by Michael S Stevens July 6, 2009
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A condition in middle-age men where the power generated by their legs in cycling, running, or really any sport, is equivalent to the power output of an 8-year-old girl.
Dude, why can't you keep up?

Come one, man! You know I have Little Girl Leg Syndrome.
by Michael S Stevens January 30, 2018
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