5 definitions by Metrosexual Caveman

Any place where a slacker vibe is found. Usually where white boys between the ages of 15 and 25 with jeans hanging off their ass who haven't showered in 2 weeks congregate. Skate parks and low rent coffee shops are the most common venues.
How's the coffee at Cafe Roma?
Great, but the slackersphere there is overwhelming.
by Metrosexual Caveman September 14, 2010
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A guy that shows up in hot girls' photos on Facebook as a prop for any occasion that requires a male to be there for the good times. He often appears in photos from beach vacations where excessive alcohol has been consumed and no husbands are present.
Did you see Jen in her hot new bikini?
No, but that random dude with her in her profile pic is smokin'!
by Metrosexual Caveman September 7, 2010
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The person who is always sexually available and willing to indulge all of your fantasies when your real life partner will not. This person could be a pop icon, the hottie next door, an office co-worker or the one you masturbate to. Also the title of a cheesy Atlanta Rhythm Section song from 1978.
Last Friday Greg stared down at his Gin and Tonic alone at the bar, went home, and jacked off to his imaginary lover.
by Metrosexual Caveman September 4, 2010
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A random dude who appears at bachelorette parties and/or weddings who grinds, kisses or appears in a photo-op with the bride-to-be before she signs her life away to one man for eternity.
Did you see the guy Jeanine is making out with?
Yeah, he's just bride candy until next week.
by Metrosexual Caveman September 12, 2010
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An established couple who joins a friend in an activity with a potential love interest because he fears the awkwardness of being alone with his new date.
Frank asked Trish and John to be his Wingcouple so that he could feel confident asking Beth out to see a movie.
by Metrosexual Caveman July 24, 2010
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