A method for producing dreadlocks. Give a lock of hair a couple of twists round, split it kinda randomly in two and pull them apart all the way to the roots which makes a bunch of knots in your hair (not too hard though cause it's gonna hurt and you're gonna pull hair out). It creates slightly looser dreads than if you backcombed them and it's a way better than neglect dreading if you want them faster and really neat.
Evan: Dude nice dreads! Your hair must be so dirty though.
Pete: Nah man it's just basically knotty hair. You should totally look up twist and rip on urban dictionary.
by Malalalal January 1, 2014
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Normally used by Destiel shippers as a play on a famous fanfiction called Twist and Shout.
Because of how sad the fic is, many feel their heart is ripped from their chest.
Girl 1: Have you read Twist and Shout?
Girl 2: More like Twist and rip my fucking heart out!
Girl 1: I know! It's so sad.
by crazyloser2285 November 17, 2021
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