The best gun ever. A one-hit kill with every shot. If you have this gun, you will win, period.
Jimmy was 0-16 on the leaderboard, then he the Golden Gun, and his luck changed.

golden gun the man with the golden gun
by Mepman January 10, 2011
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A movie in the James Bond series. The movie title "The Man With The Golden Gun" refers to the villian of the movie Fransico Scaramanga. He is a hitman who used a golden gun with golden bullets to take out his victims. In the movie he was nick-named "The man with the golden gun."
M: James what do you know about Francisco Scaramanga?
Bond: yes, the man with the golden gun.
by lfletch1 May 7, 2007
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A man who has had sex with so many women during his lifetime and/or has become a very well-reknowned male pornstar, that many people who know him consider a legend.

And yes of course, the term "golden gun" refers to that man's penis.
Ron Jeremy is an excellent example of someone whom you'd like to call "the man with the golden gun."
by Mark H July 18, 2004
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A fake unlock supposedly given to Team Fortress 2 players who have unlocked all achievements. It is ridiculously overpowered and has the power to shut down entire servers.
The GOLDEN MACHINE GUN shoots bullets the size of bowling balls at twice the speed of light. This grants it the ability to kill your opponent before you actually shoot it. It also grants the user automatic aim-bot.

It was designed by Saxton Hale, built by Chuck Norris and was supplied by materials from Mr.T's hair. The exact composition of the gun consists of Nonexistium wrapped in a thick coating of gold.
Sadly, the GOLDEN MACHINE GUN can only be used during the set-up phase, where it can shoot through walls, and the humiliation phase, which comes right after since, if one team possesses the GOLDEN MACHINE GUN, they immediately win the round.
If both teams possesses the GOLDEN MACHINE GUN, the server shuts down and all players present at the time will have their computers explode.
The GOLDEN MACHINE GUN must always be typed in all caps or, if available, in a font of gold color.