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A word to be shouted whenever you feel like it for no reason whatsoever.
"I am going for a tomtit. SHABBA!"
by Matty Boy October 11, 2004

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Spoog, spode, spunk, cum, male ejaculate.
"If you don't have any creme fraiche, boy batter does basically the same job."
Jamie Oliver - 'The Naked Chef'.
by Matty Boy March 10, 2004

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When one puts an item of clothing, eg a T-Shirt, over ones stomach to catch any stray spoog when knocking one out.
My girlfriend didn't suspect a thing until she found my used Jizz bib under the sofa. She had to tear it off the upholstery.
by Matty Boy March 09, 2004

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A threat, and a very serious one at that. If somebody threatens to spin the wheel on you beware! The wheel is a devastating haymaker type punch that may very well take your head off.
However, due to the severity of 'the wheel' it is very rarely spun. 'Spinning the wheel' is no joking matter.
Sometimes called 'the wheel of justice'
One man may say to another who has wrongly cast doubts over his sexuality: "if you don't take that back I am going to spin the wheel"
by Matty Boy October 07, 2004

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Furious, female masturbation.
"Christina Aguilera was hospitalised during her sell out concert last night. Only 27 seconds into her hit-single 'Dirty', she gwanked herself unconscious over a picture of Madonna."
by Matty Boy March 09, 2004

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If you are especially pleased by something (be it a person, object or event) you may exclaim 'double dice!'

Similar to dice only more so.
Woman: "I would like to take a toot on your trouser trumpet"
Man: "Double Dice!!"
by Matty Boy October 07, 2004

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An expression hollered by all Americans and other exciteable types in moments of sheer exhilaration.
The 'Cobra': "At last I am getting a transfer away from this piss poor club that doesn't even own it's own stadium. YEE DOGSY!!"
by Matty Boy October 12, 2004

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