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Casual-Fans are fans who aren't particularly into their fandom. They enjoy it, know some trivia, see some movies, have some stuff. Casual-Fans are more laid back.
Note: It is possible to be a Casual-Fan in one area, and a Proper-Fan in another. Or a Casual-Fan and a Psuedo-Fan, etc, etc.
Beth is a Casual-Fan of Star Wars, but a Proper-Fan of Star Trek. Things Star Wars Proper-Fans get annoyed about don't bother Beth, at least not enough to whine about.
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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Name given to morons on Youtube who engage in lengthy comment wars. More often then not, these comment wars are full to the brim with swearing and crude slurs.
Youtwit 1: Duh, you *beepedy beep beep beepers*! That's so *bleepin' bleep* retarded! You should *bleepy beep bleepedy* go and *bleep* yourself!
Youtwit 2: Oh, haven't heard that *bleepy bleep bleep* before! * Do the world a favor and *beepedy bleep bleep* yourself. You're such a *bleepy bleep beep*!
(Several dozen like comments later)
Intelligent human being: Oh, shut up, Youtwits!
by Master Beth June 12, 2010
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A Transformers fan who holds the 80s series (G1) as the Transformers Bible. Anything that strays from the 80s series is unacceptable. They then proceed to whine relentlessly about whatever new branch of the Transformers universe, and how much it sucks because it doesn't do everything like the original.

G-Whiners are shunned by proper Transformers fans.

Note: Preferring G1 over the other series does NOT make you a G-Whiner.
G-Whiner: WAHT TEH HECK?! Teh new movies don't have Optimus's trailer! HE NEEDS THE TRAILER!
Proper Fan: Calm down! Sheesh!
G-Whiner: In Transformers: Animated MEGATRON DOESN'T TURN INTO A GUN!!!
Proper Fan: Oh, SHUT UP ALREADY!
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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A Psuedo-Fan is a person who jumps on whatever thing happens to be the latest thing. They act as if they have been fans for their entire life, and claim to be extremely knowedgeable about their new fandom. They wear the merchandise, buy the games (if any), watch the movies, etc. Once the hype has died down, they go to the next popular thing.
They are EXTREMELY irritating to Proper-Fans, who consider them a mockery to the fandom.
After watching the 2009 Transformers movie, Jill went on a Transformers merchandise shopping spree, spending over five hundred dollars to keep up with the hype.

After seeing the trailer for the next Harry Potter Movie, Jill threw away all her Transformers stuff and spent another five hundred dollars getting Harry Potter stuff.

Etc, etc, etc, continuing on in her Psuedo-Fan existence.
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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Obsessive-Fans are the scary kind of fan. They know EVERYTHING about their fandom. They have it memorized. Obsessive-Fans blow a fuze if they miss a single movie, blog, T-shirt, etc, of their fandom. They take it RIDICULOUSLY serious.
Obessive-Fans are avoided by Proper-Fans and Casual-Fans, though Psuedo-Fans latch onto them in an attempt to look like Proper-Fans.
Note: It is possible to be an Obsessive-Psuedo-Fan, becoming Obsessive with every new trend. It is also possible to recover from being an Obsessive-Fan, though it is usually very difficult.
Jill is an Obsessive-Fan of Twilight. She knows every speck of trivia, and if someone so much as gives her a weird look when she's going on about Twilight, she'll have his head. Literally. Jill's room is full of Twilight posters. She has mutltiple copies of each book. EVERYTHING in her life revolves around Twilight.
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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Proper-Fans are the ideal kind of fan. They have their fandoms, and they deserve them. A Proper-Fan knows ample info about his fandom, and takes it seriously-but not too seriously. Proper-Fans can be created at any point in a fandoms history. For instance, a Lord of the Rings Proper-Fan can be created after he watches the movies, if he then proceeds to read the books, etc, and remained a fan after the hype died down. Proper-Fans handle remakes of their fandom relatively well, provided it doesn't completely destroy their beloved characters.
Beth became a Casual-Fan of Transformers after seeing the 2007 movie, and a Proper-Fan after the 2009. She researched the fandom, quickly latching onto Transformers G1. She bought the series, has the merchandise, and gets extremely irritated with the Psuedo-Fans who flaunt their wannabe-ism and really don't know what the heck they're talking about.
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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