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A Transformers fan who holds the 80s series (G1) as the Transformers Bible. Anything that strays from the 80s series is unacceptable. They then proceed to whine relentlessly about whatever new branch of the Transformers universe, and how much it sucks because it doesn't do everything like the original.

G-Whiners are shunned by proper Transformers fans.

Note: Preferring G1 over the other series does NOT make you a G-Whiner.
G-Whiner: WAHT TEH HECK?! Teh new movies don't have Optimus's trailer! HE NEEDS THE TRAILER!
Proper Fan: Calm down! Sheesh!
G-Whiner: In Transformers: Animated MEGATRON DOESN'T TURN INTO A GUN!!!
Proper Fan: Oh, SHUT UP ALREADY!
by Master Beth July 18, 2010
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