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an inhabitant of Brussels, Belgium

"Brusselanian" is COPYRIGHT to Hellen {but I stole it!}
*is worried*
This guy I like is in Belgium for a soccer championship... I sure hope those Brusselanian girls aren't hott...
by Martha's_Cellmate November 11, 2004
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a uniquely Finnish quality;
the word used to typify the Finnish spirit;
a concept that is at the heart of how all Finns view themselves;
a certain feature or value considered by Finns to be typically Finnish

- endurance, resilience, tenacity, determination, perseverance

- an inner reserve of diligence, capacity, the ability to face head-on and always overcome

- craziness: the recklessness that inspires a person to take on something in the face of incredible odds

- bravery, empowerment, inner strength
Gritting your teeth, continuing to fight against an overwhelming enemy, clearing a forest with your bare hands, continuing on to win a race even after falling.

Sisu means that you finish what you start, you don’t quit in the middle of a job, and you don’t whine.

"It doesn’t take sisu to go to the North Pole; it takes sisu to stand at the door when the bear is on the other side."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 11, 2004
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a straight guy who hangs with gay men
"Dude, do you wanna stay in and watch the game with us?"
"Nah, I'm meeting some friends in Greenwich Village."
"God, you are such a fag stag."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 3, 2004
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-the center of the universe
-the hottest city of them all, not by temperature but by culture
-home to RENT and other fabulous stage shows
by Martha's_Cellmate November 13, 2004
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1 - "The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is a world-class independent public authority which develops, promotes and manages airports, the seaport and transportation infrastructure to enable Massachusetts and New England to compete successfully in the global marketplace."

2 - a Massachusetts passport
1 - ''according to Massport, delays may continue until this evening when the road will finally be reopened"

2 - "you can't get anywhere in this state without a massport"
by Martha's_Cellmate November 3, 2004
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"So, what did you do last weekend?"
"Oh, nothin' exciting, except on Saturday I went up to my ex-lover's lover's Mormon mother's farm and helped her milk yaks."
"Wow... the randomocrity of that is amazing..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 3, 2004
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{noun} The process of making someone English.

verb - "britifying"
past tense - "britified" OR "britificated"
Once you have been taught how to make a cup of Earl Grey, how to toast and butter a crumpet, and how to eat your crumpet and drink your tea with your little finger in the air, your BRITIFICATION is complete, i.e. you have been BRITIFIED.
by Martha's_Cellmate November 4, 2004
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