4 definitions by Marky Mark Fa Sho

While engaged in a sexual act, cut off the top of your girlfriends hair so she has a Ben Franklin-like haircut. Then Ejaculate on the baldspot u just made and put the hair back on. You my friend, have just done the only Ben Frnaklin
Shirley: Hey, Jerry Ben Franklind me last night
Bill: Oh my god, Gross!
by Marky Mark Fa Sho May 06, 2008
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The Fabled book that 1 in 126,540 women have. It contains every man that they have ever had sex as well as a ranking on how they performed
Fred: I saw Sarah's Dicktionary
Jim: How did you Rank?
Fred: 15th!
Jim: Dude, arn't you married to her?
by Marky Mark Fa Sho July 10, 2008
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Having went home with twins after a night of heavy drinking at a classic English pub
Bill-"How'd you do last night?"
Chris-"Total Twinchester Dude!"
by Marky Mark Fa Sho May 28, 2008
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