43 definitions by Mark Shackelford

The fragrance or odor you get when you first open the case of a new guitar. Only happens with custom built guitars that are recieved within a few days of manufacturing.
<Employee 1> Take a look at my new Carvin CT4M!
<employee 2> Whoa! It's still got new guitar smell!
by Mark Shackelford May 10, 2007
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An enchilada made with dog meat.
I'll take the enchihuahua platter with verde sauce and double rice instead of beans.
by Mark Shackelford September 05, 2007
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The original phone company in Mexico. At one time it was a monopoly but was forced to be split up by desegration legislation.
Gracias por llamar a Taco Bell, como puedo alludar se?
by Mark Shackelford April 24, 2007
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Adaptation for the acronym for Furry Little Friend. FLuFfy
<singer> You're my furry little friend, I call you Fluffy!
If you mat up all your fur, I'd call you Scruffy.
by Mark Shackelford July 02, 2007
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Men who date homeless women thinking they will have easy love for giving them food and shelter. The women usually leave the relationship when they find the man is flaky.
<friend1> Why is your your brother always dating those scummy women?
<friend2> He's a hobosexual.
by Mark Shackelford May 24, 2007
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When people of a distinct race and culture break away from the customs and traditions that define their ancestry.
<Abuelo> Come on kids, let's get ready for the Cinco de Mayo parade.
<Pepito> Oh, Abuelo! We won free NASCAR tickets for the race today. Can we postpone it til tomorrow.
<Abuelo> NASCAR over Cinco de Mayo?! That's unethnical!
by Mark Shackelford June 04, 2007
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A really uncomfortable couch that easily converts to a really uncomfortable bed.
I see your little brother has a futon. Did he get that free with the purchase of his new Yugo?
by Mark Shackelford February 28, 2008
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