43 definitions by Mark Shackelford

The event that no matter how hard you work on a problem or how educated and tutored you are, you just can't get the right answer.
Did you figure out the square root of 1 yet?
No, I've had numlock all week.
by Mark Shackelford April 27, 2007
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Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome
TDS is a male disease caused by lack of testosterone reproduction. Males suffering from TDS will act tough when speaking evil about another man behind his back but hide themselves when confronted by the person they slander.
That guy had the balls of a steer when talking smack about me to my girlfriend. But when I asked him about it his TDS kicked in.
by Mark Shackelford April 26, 2007
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To mispronounce words like people of African descent.
<person1> Old Dewey said he's going to eat some strimps tonite. Did he really mean shrimp?
<person2> Yes, that's just the way he bronunciates it.
by Mark Shackelford June 01, 2007
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The accumulation of smashed Monarch butterflies on the front of any motorized vehicle. Monarchbutter is a seasonal product with a harvest occuring during the annual migration of Monarch butterflies in South Texas.
<Passenger> Man, I'm starving and I'm broke. Can you buy me something to eat at the next stop?
<Driver> I only have enough money for gas, but I have some bread and jelly in the back. Let's scrape a little monarchbutter off the car and make some sandwiches!
by Mark Shackelford May 10, 2007
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Federal Aviation Regulations that are being read at night as a remedy for insomnia.
When I can't sleep I just have a little bit of FAR tea and I'm out in minutes.
by Mark Shackelford April 27, 2007
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Short for Jack in the Crack, another name for Jack in the Box, a fast food restaurant chain.
I went down to The Crack and had a feeding frenzy off the dollar menu.
by Mark Shackelford April 27, 2007
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A six string instrument that has been abondoned because the buyer either lost interest or quit because it was too hard to play.
I wish ol' Joe would sell me his quitar. It's been sitting in the closet for decades.
by Mark Shackelford April 20, 2007
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