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a XLarge piece of dark brown shit the kind that curls and takes up the whole bowl. A term used to insult a central american male of El Salvador. It's the equivalent, in insult, to call a salvadorian "cerote" as to say "Chinga to Madre" to a Mexican. Degrading term used to insult and anger a central american.
"Pinche Cerote."
"Ese guey es un Cerote"
"Ese salvatruchi es un pinche cerote"
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006

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Used to describe a man who is being cheated on by his woman. A Pussy, weak man who puts up with a cheating woman. Imaginary horns of a bull(guey) because he is being made to look like an idiot to other people by his cheating spouse.
"Ese pendejo esta cuernudo."
"Tienes la cara de cuernudo"
"no me pongas los cuernos, porque no voy aser tu pendejo cuernudo."
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006

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a Slut. Likes to sleep around with guys to see what she can get from it (money, clothes, free meals, exct.) a female who is easy to sleep with. Kelly Bundy was a Prosti. The term can be used to describe a gay man aswell. Likes to sleep around, then talk about it to her giggling friends while they compare notes, and prentend they are like the "Sex in the City" characters. Used to describe Slutty girls of latin descent. Stuck up Sluts.
"La Lupita es bien Prosti"
"Anoche fui una Prosti con el hermano de mi novio"
"Esta prosti no puede mantener las piernas cerradas"
"Maria es una prosti que vive de los hombres viejos"
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006

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an Ass-hole, a dick. A man or woman who is getting on your nerves and they are being extremely aggravating and annoying. A jerk who is punking you around. An son of a bitch who likes to hurt others with offensive laguage. If you have ever worked in retail, this means the customer who went out of their way to make their transaction impossible to complete (asking for a manager, exct.) A cheap-skate.
"This son of a bitch is a syste-meizer."
"SYSTE-MEIZER!" <--- could be said to their face without them knowing what you are talking about.
"stop being such a syste-meizer."
by MariAntonia July 16, 2006

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A really fat person. Obese Man or Woman. This is used for anoying fat people who are very obnoxious. Angry Fat guys with anger issues. Fat women who hate skinny girls.
"That 1000 pound wanted my number."
"That 1000 pound is giving me and my skinny pants the evil eye."
"He is dating that 1000 pound."
by MariAntonia July 16, 2006

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a Famous Radio D.J. in Los Angeles. Tweety Bird in Looney Toons. Used by young hispanic children to describe the male genitilia.
child: "Mira, mami, a ese nino se le ve su piolin".
"El Chato tiene un piolon muy grande."
"A Letty le gusta chupar el Piolin"
by MariAntonia July 16, 2006

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Means dark-skinned. Used by paris hilton wanna-be puta latinas in East LosAngeles to describe dark skinned men or women. Could be used to describe a person who got a really dark tan. A black person.
"Look at that negrooch over there."
"That girl is negrooch."
"You like negrooch guys."
"That negrooch is spending too much time in the sun."
by MariAntonia July 16, 2006

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