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1. Honorable people, many of Pipil ancestry, though for some reason many deny this.
2. A person that isn't to be fucked with, for they will kick your ass
3. The founding makers of one of the best foods ever: PUPUSAS.
4. Hard-working, brave, loving, and some of the toughest individuals you will ever encounter.
5. Person who doesn't take shit from anyone.
6. They know how to party and vacation, bishes!!!
7. Also known as Guanacos or Salvies.
8. are NOT all Salvatruchas. Get that straight.
1. Salvadorian people are way bomb-diggity!
2. That Salvadorian will kick yo' no-good, wasteful ass!
3. Damn, pupusas are fuckin' BOMB!
4. That person is such an enigma; must be a Salvy.
6. I'm in El Salvador, laying on a Mayan hammock, drinkin' agua de jealous!!
7. Salvy pride lil putos!
8. La Mara Salvatrucha are lil putos who are a disgrace to the country.
by MichieJo August 25, 2006
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1.Very cool and humble people.
2.They are the creators of the best food ever, pupusas.
2.You don't mess with a Salvadorian, since they can be really aggressive.
3.Sometimes they can be really cold and mysterious since they don't like to talk to much about their lives.
4.Many of them have been through a lot of shit. Probably more than one has seen someone getting murdered. Can be either a family member or a random person.
5.Really hardworkers.
6.Many of them can be really funny.
7.Salvadorians and Mexicans have a big rivalry when it comes to soccer. Because of that, many hate each other.

8.They hate being called Mexicans because of what was mentioned above.
9.People from the city can be very educated and good at computers and office works while people from the rural areas are more into hard work and agriculture.

10.A lot of Salvadorians speak english since American companies have a big influence in El Salvador and if you speak the language, you have more opportunities to get hired by them. Some can be even sent to the states to work.
11.Salvadorian women are super hot, and really good in bed.
12.Many white Salvadorian for an unknown reason come from rural areas, or small villages in the middle of nowhere.

13.If you see a Salvadorian acting like a white, they are probably "areneros" which is the salvadorian equivalent of being a republican.
Person 1."yo my new boyfriend is salvadorian and he is a god on bed"

Person 2. "Lucky you. I want a salvadorian boyfriend"
by Whassup123 October 16, 2016
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