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A male name. It has links to the god of roman mythology; Mars. The name Morten have connections to both "death" and "master of war".

It can also be used when comparing someone to an Emperor, King, Übermenchen, an expert at something, or someone simply of a more advanced intelligence or a higher status. People that are too f***ing skilled can also be compared to "Morten" (in many ways!).
"Look at that guy, he's a friggin' expert!"
"Yeah! He's so good his name must be Morten!"

"Oh my gawd..! Yes! Holy sh**! You're so good. You're just so f***ing good! I'm totally exhausted! We need to do this more often!"
"Hehe, glad to hear that. I guess you could almost call me Morten."
by Dradeel May 18, 2007
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A Morten/Mortenanker is often used to describe the quintessence of perfection, often displayed in a delicious, soft-haired young boy. A person or an object who can be defined as the closest thing to perfect on Earth. The word "Mortenlicious" is a common expression wich also describes a fantastic thing or a feeling.
Random babe: OMG look at that boy over there!! I could totally do him!

Random babe2: Jeah omgf he is like the most delicious, handsome, good-looking, i-could-totally-do-him ON EARTH! He is SUCH a Morten!

Random gayguy1: OMG over there! Now THAT is why I'm gay!

Random gayguy2: I could so invite him to my cocktail party.

Lesbian1 (looks at this angel-lookalike creature): IM SO STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW.

Lesbian2: Damn that hurts.. A total Morten.
by peter the pony December 01, 2008
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A guy that is totally awesome, and most likely have a boat, so awesome....
Dayum that guy is surely a Morten, look at that super yacht.
by huehuehuehuehuehueheuheuheu October 02, 2013
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a Morten is a person who by pure ignorance does something really silly, and by accident causes extreme disaster
When trying to disable a nuclearbomb, the Morten goes "Look at me, im disarming the bomb by biting the wires" *BOOOOOOM*
by Korsa March 03, 2004
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A Word for a tall and akward wanker.
That guy looks like a tall akward wanker. He is such a Morten
by Mazzett April 22, 2015
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How males that are very strongly bonded refer to each other. Can be measured as a percentage (mortency) eg we are at 500% mortency. Women cannot be mortens.
Bob and Jeff are mortens.
Their mortency is at 300%
by Mortency Manager May 05, 2011
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A "Morten" is a male person with a speech impediment and/or a tendancy for geeky behaviour.
"Hey, look at that guy with the braces!"
"Yeah, he's such a Morten!"
by MC Buller January 06, 2005
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