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Miracle she's pretty aggravating sometimes but at the end of the day she'll always be down for you.
Boy: Oh your talking about Miracle that's my homie.
by Manwittheplan March 19, 2020

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An Xavier is an all around good person. He's a talented in most areas from cooking,singing,dancing, and sports. Xavier tend to have a long penis, and very entertaining in bed. Xaviers sometimes have trust issues due there past experiences in their lives, Xaviers are both quiet and loud but most of all are very loving they don't always show it because there afraid if they give their love people will refuse. Xaviers are often sarcastic, and rude at first but when you get to know them they're very charming. Xaviers are both ugly and attractive. Xaviers keep their loved one close and their enemies closer, Xaviers really are love they just have to trust it'll take a while but they always come around. Xaviers hearts and minds are always in the right place but they're wording sometimes comes out different. Xaviers are intellingent when they want to be, and listen when they want wether not an Xavier gets in trouble is completely up to him. Xaviers are both optimistic and realistic they always put thought into everything that occurs in their lives before moving foward, Xaviers always deal with their problems one way or another. Xaviers are both funny and corny good on technology and sometimes doubt themselves even when they know their potential. Xaviers are romantic with alot of love to give you just too have to get it out of him just don't hurt him. Xaviers are sometimes broken but don't show it, they just need someone to fix them. Don't let go of an Xavier you'll regret it.
Girl1: I don't know what you see in that Xavier!?!?
💞Girl2: I love Xavier you would to if you spent some time with him💯
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by Manwittheplan November 27, 2019

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Kelvin's not right in the head, but that's the homie. He helps us out wit alot of problems we have but he still lil bruh.
Kelvin is in love with Cyd...

Kelvin is a symp and he's whipped.
by Manwittheplan March 19, 2020

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Antonio also known as LB, he tends 2 do his homies dirties, and never commits to any females. But at the end of the day he rides for his homies.
Homie 1: Tonio how u like her and u haven't talked 2 her.
Antonio: Bruh Ion care.
by Manwittheplan March 19, 2020

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