Verb: the act of trying to take a quick power nap, but end up sleeping for multiple hours, missing appointments, work, class, and other important functions.
Sorry for missing class, Professor Calderon, I pulled a cyd.
by CX4Life February 03, 2010
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A term with a very wide range of meanings. It can mean: "Goodbye", "Hello", "see you tomorrow", "thank you", or even "I love you."
"what a great conversation we just had, I am so grateful for you. I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow, Cyd."
by SoManyHotDogs August 09, 2012
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epic !! and cool person. so epic and cool. god cyd is so epic. and so cool as well.
person: cyd is epic
other person: yeah
by cyd ! April 17, 2021
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1.(N)-The underground musical sensation created by Jesus, Dimwit, and The Psycho Cracker. This acronym is the name of a band that is prone to completely nonsensical lyrics, flagrant use of "niche" noises and badly imitated accents. Fans are usually under the influence of massive amounts of adrenaline and/or mind altering clothing.
2.(Adj)- To be completely insane and unintelligeble to those who don't know about or understand the band; but, to those who fly the crooked flag of CYD, makes perfect sense.
3.(N)- "CYD PIT" A from of Mosh Pit in which up to 3 members are surrounded by a ring of "Judges." The members of the pit, or 'Tards attempt to create the most ridiculous dance or mosh possible. The louder the crowd cheers, the higher the score. The winner of the CYD PIT gets to pick the next song played.
1. CYD is the worst band i have ever heard play.

2.Wow, he is so CYD it makes me sick.

3. God damn, the CYD PIT was so good, I'm gonna go green the underbelly of a small constuction worker's T.V
by Gee-Zis October 01, 2004
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Female Dancer debuting in the 1940's. Cyd was born in 1922 and died in 2008 from a heart attack.
She recovered from polio as a child and then studied ballet. She was paired with the male wonders of the dance industry such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. She appeared in famous musicals such as 'The Band Wagon', 'The Harvey Girls', 'Brigadoon' and was featured in a dance sequence (allongside Gene Kelley) in 'Singing in the Rain'.
in the late 1950's she stopped dancing in films, but went on to acting in films and television programs, and in 1992 made her Broadway debut.
Cyd Charisse was an amazing female 1940's dancer, from ballet to jazz.
by Kaeru-chan April 12, 2009
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