26 definition by Manawski

1.) Nitrous Oxide Systems, a company which creates systems for distributing Nitrous Oxide to automobile engines.

2.) Commonly accepted replacement for the term "Nitrous Oxide." However, this is not correct, and anyone who says "NOS" instead of Nitrous Oxide should be shot.
Manawski: Didn't you read my definition?
by Manawski March 04, 2003

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1.) Form of the phrase "Ok, Thank you. Goodbye." Used exclusively on the internet, most commonly in cases where a person no longer wishes to continue a conversation.

2.) Same phrase, used to intensify an argument by making all who are involved angry at that person for using the already overused phrase.

Can be replaced by : kthnxbye, kthxownt
uber1337: France is ass soup. kthxbye.

Manawski: What? You are full of it you piece of ....

by Manawski March 06, 2003

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1.) Chemical compound N(2 subscript)O, which consists of two nitrogen atoms to one oxygen atom.

2.) Form of performance enhancer for automobiles, used to introduce extra air into cylinders by causing an chemical reaction that decomposes the N20 into Oxygen and Nitrogen. This increases pressure inside the cylinders, which ultimately results in a horsepower increase.

3.) Used in dentist's offices for numbing during oral surgeries, known as Laughing Gas.
No, it's NITROUS OXIDE, you dult, not NAWZZESSSS.
by Manawski March 04, 2003

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1.) A highly talented marksman.

2.) In multiplayer gaming, someone who employs high powered rifle type weapons. Often tries to emulate military snipers.
uber1337: I'm a great sniper.

Manawski: No, you aren't.
by Manawski February 23, 2003

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1.) A soldier specifically designated to heal other soldiers on the battlefield.

2.) In multiplayer gaming, the same meaning applies, but also used as a form of degradation as medics are thought to be underarmed and more vulnerable than other soldiers.
Sure, shoot the medic before the real troops...

Haha! You just got your arse handed to you by a medic.
by Manawski February 27, 2003

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1.) Alternate form of kthxbye which means "Ok, Thanks. Owned." This is used to declare superiority over someone, but usually only succeeds in making the user look like a complete and total idiot.
uber1337: Hahahah you suck. kthxownt

Manawski: Is that what you say every time you drop a nuke on a sniper?
by Manawski March 06, 2003

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1.) To begin, to intice.

2.) Used to begin fights, races, sexual intercourse.... you know, it's used to begin just about anything.

Umm, don't you mean "Go?"
by Manawski March 06, 2003

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