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used to describe lightning in a conversation
"did you see that lightning storm last night? it went KACHOW right past my hosue!"
by Magaz May 09, 2008

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the act of fingering ones anus while simultaneously masturbating. More commonly called "Pokey bum wank"
I walked in on Matt giving himself a bummy tug yesterday... his finger was in shit central!
by Magaz July 23, 2009

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Not to be confused with a Manhattan Steamroller, the Manhattan Steamer is when you enter the bathroom after someone has just "Logged off" only to be hit in the face by a stench wave and a toilet full of steaming man log.
I had to log off in the garden this morning, Johnny had left a manhattan steamer that could make your eyes bleed!
by Magaz May 24, 2012

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the combination of both male and female sexual fluids.
"There is splem all over the bed"
by magaz March 16, 2007

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Grank is a combination of the words "Green" and "Skank" used to describe the Green Skanky Phlegm you get with a serious cold.
"Eeew, dude you just coughed up a huge ball of grank!"
by Magaz April 28, 2007

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The art of cupping a fart with your hand and placing it in someones face "grifting" see also "cupcake"
Oh man, I just grifted gloria, she's gonna be smelling ass for hours!
by Magaz June 29, 2009

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