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Incompetent Swiss referee who disallows perfectly legitimate goals.

Boasts a porcupine-like mane, loves the ladies, and runs a shop.
No goal! The host cannot be knocked out in the quarter finals.
by madtroll June 29, 2004

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As the name implies, this particular form of wig originates from Liverpool. It usually takes the form of a afro hair cut in varying shapes, sizes and colours.

Has been known to possess the person wearing the wig, with the most obvious signs being the use of a fake scouse accent and timed hand movements.

Most likely to be seen in vast numbers in Blackpool, however is running rampant in the wild around the UK and several off-shore destinations.
Eh Eh Eh No You Me Wait Bath
by Madtroll June 01, 2004

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Acronym for Tomato Sauce Brigade. A collective term for a northern English male who has a shaved head and wears a shellsuit and/or football strip from any northern division 3 clubs.

Enjoys copious amounts of tomato sauce on his chips and enjoys starting fights.
Are you soft or what mate.
by madtroll June 29, 2004

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A typical Calgarian forms part of a giant collective or hive mind. Unlike the Borg, it is almost impossible to become assimilated into this 'old boys network'.

They have robotic tendancies and will eat meals at the same time as their peers. Everything is perfect for the Calgarian, and they rarely find the need to discover the world beyond the Calgary city limits; preferring to visit the zoo for the 1019th time.

The Calgarian often drives a large pick up truck, although rarely uses the rear box to transport cargo. SUVs are becoming more popular, and often driven by mothers.

The lower class Calgarian is often distinguished by their appearance; often sporting a large greasy mullet topped with a 'Molsen Canadian' baseball cap. These are often spotted around areas known as Dover or Forest Lawn.

Musical tastes are limited to country, 'lite rock' and US-style Hip hop and clothing fashions are often 2-3 years behind other major centers in the world.
That was great hockey last night eh?
by Madtroll June 02, 2004

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Concrete city located 51°03' latitude and 114°05' longitude in Alberta, Canada.

The city is a giant network of poorly planned and poorly maintained road systems, causing mass congestion in a city with only 900,000 people. It sports a bare minimum 'tram' system which does not even reach the airport, and is often littered with homeless people who can ride the trains for free in downtown.

The homeless dominate the north-eastern downtown core, and even have their own purpose built hotel, with rates starting at $0 per night. The homeless population can be seen killing each other outside the Cecil Hotel.

Older suburbs are beginning to show their age and are the shanty towns of Calgary. Lack of city investment is aiding their rapid demise, and fueling the local criminal population.
Pedestrians and cars both get the green light at the same time. It's called population control.
by Madtroll June 03, 2004

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