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a southern slang for light skinned blacks
Mr. Smith prefers us buttermilks to the dark skinned blacks.
by MACHINE December 02, 2002
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On topic; doing it; in process. Used to describe a task being done.
"Rusty, get that thing before it gets away!"

"Don't worry, I'm all over it, boss."
by Machine July 15, 2003
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Player owned, or possibly better known as "power owned." Used to show more-than-normal ownage of someone's elses skills at generally a video game.
Powered owned, bitch!
by Machine July 08, 2003
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a GIANT turd
Yo dawg, come check out this filthy massive!
by MACHINE December 02, 2002
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A cigar, cigarette, or joint dipped in formaldehyde.
That fool was goin off on danks, hearing voices, then he started killing people and eating them.
by machine November 10, 2004
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