The condition of an easily solved problem being altered into a time consuming pain in the ass by a fellow worker who doesn't know what they are doing.

Buttermilked- when a machine or device has multiple layers of poor workmanship resulting in a tragic waste of useful time and materials.

Buttermilk(noun)-a self deluded individual that creates stressful situations by embellishing minor problems with inane details in order to avoid actually solving the problem or doing the work.
" I have a long list of projects to work on today but I will probably spend my entire work shift repairing that machine that was Buttermilked last week."

"Why didn't he just tighten that bolt?"

"Man that guy is such a Buttermilk!!"
by Montrose Teutopolis April 27, 2010
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boy 1: "what did you eat for breakfast?"
boy 2: "buttermilk and black-eyed peas"
boy 1: "hell naw, i aint sittin next 2 u nigga! Yo stomach's gonna swell up and bust! They oughtta use u in the military as a weapon!"

-this was taken from "Black Boy", an autobiography by Richard Wright
by Spens February 24, 2008
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adj: southern slang for an interracial (black/white) couple

noun: to stand out like a sour thumb because he is dating outside his race
Like a fly in (the) buttermilk
by ywndricka January 31, 2010
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