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The livest hood in da nasty nati a.k.a my hood
E-town is my hood fuck any otha hood.
by MICHELLE April 20, 2004
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Used to get food out of you teeth! Or they make gr8 pressies for your friends if your weird
Would you like a toothpick for xmas???
by MICHELLE December 12, 2003
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being Stupid, or crazy when what you say doesn't make any sense.
You were trippin dog.
by MICHELLE February 21, 2004
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people who think they are better because of the money they have
"I have money, so you must be my friend and like me!"
"she is a classic snoob" says the doctor.
by MICHELLE April 25, 2005
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slang term developed by bored teens to mean get close with someone or to describe clothing as tight.
Last night me and Tom got snuggy on the couch.
Damn that dude's shirt is snuggy!
by MICHELLE July 14, 2004
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SoCo is an abbreviation of Something Corporate, a indie/punk/emo/piano rock band from Southern California. They kick some major ass by the way.
I am totally obsessed with SoCo!
by MICHELLE December 20, 2003
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