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A girl with a vagina so badly damaged when she upens her legs it looks like a hippo with its mouth open.
Dude I was going down on her and took her panties off and I got scard I thought I was on the Discovery channel, She had a cunt like a Hippo yawning and it made a wierd noise at me.
by MERT July 01, 2012
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The name given to sexy funny naughty Swedish girls.
Hey here comes Salthammer clear the table the partys about to start.
by MERT July 01, 2012
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When you go out with a friend and in order for your friend to get the hot girl you have to take the ugly one.
From the Bruno Mars song ''I'd catch a grenade for ya''
People by the name Sam usually do this.
Dude last night I did the biggest Bruno for you. That bitch was fat and ugly. She looked like a dropped meat pie.
by MERT July 01, 2012
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Strange creature who seems to say lol a lot
<jynx_> lol
by Mert November 21, 2003
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Figment of unreality related to crying, boasting and early bedtime.
Well that evening was a load of doss.
by Mert November 22, 2003
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