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slovenia, claimed its independance in the year 1991, although it part of many other countries till now, known as having their own culture since the 11th century. they gave themselves their name already in the 16th century, although bein part of the austro-hungarian empire untill the empire broke, with croatia and bosnia, they joined serbia into a country called SHS kingdom (kraljevina slovencev, hrvatov in serbov) wich in 1934 renamed to Yugoslavia. after many years, slovenia, croatia and many other countries decided to claim independance, but the slovene started the idea, and the main reason why serbia 'is said to' dislike slovenia more than the other countries. out of the whole of yugoslavia, slovenia was the most forward technologically, and wich only 2million people, and a very small part of the whole 'country' of yugoslavia at the time still made 25% of yugoslavias income, making it one of the most prosperous countries for its size. in 2004 slovenia joined the EU along with 9 other countries, being one of the smallest, still had the strongest economy.

Slovenia is called the green piece of europe, and its very true, over 56% of slovenia is covered by trees. its also been said to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, having everything, from mountains, to mountain lakes, to the seaside, to beautiful wine 'farms', to some of the biggest caves that contain animals that cannot be found anywhere else, and the best thing is you can see all that in a day. its definately my favourite country in all perspectives. many american stars have called slovenia paradise.
-slovenia: the green piece of europe
by MCsoy March 30, 2005
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an ancient culture that came from the nearer east, and are close to thracians. countries like; russia, slovenia, croatia, serbia, kazahstan, poland, ukraine are all said to be slavistic culture.
the 'slav' culture, a reason why slavistic cultures should help eachother, croatia n serbia!
by MCsoy April 05, 2005
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-to say the obvious.
chris: hi my name is chris, and you are?
dumbass: im dumbass
dumbass: hey youre chris!
chris: point out the obvious....
by MCsoy April 02, 2005
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shortened for bosnia in hercegovina, guess noone knew that
ajmo fantje idemo u bih!
by MCsoy April 08, 2005
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i dont mean to be a nationalist or anything, but please, stop saying croatia started the independance, slovenia claimed independance, and the others followed, and btw dru-watsit, its not like many countries like croatia now do they? puttin slovene in jail because they put up their flag? freaks, even bigger ones than the serbs..
person: where you from?
croatian: jebem ti mater!
person: learn english
by MCsoy April 03, 2005
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Italy was the start of civilization in europe, including greece of course. its desendants came from egypt that moved through the mediteranian. after many centuries it became the most powerful 'province' in europe, and rome became the center of christianity. after, it was defeated by the germanic or teuton clan wich is now called germany.

even though its brilliant location and fascinating land marks, and very brave ancestors, italy's population turned into a foul and horrible race that are scared of people around them, so they try to kill them, but they usually dont exceed. in the first world war, italy joined germany and the austro-hungarian side, they started to lose and they join ed the antants, they chickened out, in school there they have history up till before the first world war, and they finish, in the second world war they also joined germany since they wer winning, then they attacked albania, and they needed help from germany, useless. and then when the allies atacked italy on their ground they chickened out n threw mussolini out of the country. lame. they may have pasta(which was actually found in china first), pizza(the food of poor carthaginians who lived on sardinia), i dont mean to be racist or stereotype, but please, italy... nothing to see here!
1:oh dear god! theres two-hundred italian military comin to our house!
2: get the stick, the cowards 'll be running in seconds!!
by MCsoy March 31, 2005
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