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Often found on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This person (usually female) will post irritating status updates at a constant basis, upload pictures of every life event, and be constantly connected to these sites either by home computer or cell phone.

She is often known to add "pizazz" to her posts with * ~ and combinations thereof. Ends status updates with "hit the cell!" or "I love you (current significant other's name here) so much baby!~~~*"
*Jennifer uploads photo of herself and current boyfriend*
Jennifer: "I love you baby forever!~!!!!*"
*Jennifer makes 12 status updates an hour about her trip to and from the mall*
Jennifer: "Having so much fun with the girls~!"

Sam: "Oh God, shut up already! Freaking post princess."
by Lunar Escape May 11, 2011
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This is a typical Monday morning, upon waking up and glancing at the glaring alarm clock, reading "6:00 a.m." to dragging your aching body into your bed at 11:00 p.m., after doing 4 hours of homework::

6:02 a.m.=After dozing off again for two minutes, my mother comes into my room and screams at me to get up. Not wanting to argue at this time, I sluggishly arise from my warm bed, into the cold bathroom where I take a two minute shower. I get soap in my eyes and forget to shampoo my hair. Oh well, I don't have time anyway. I dress quickly and brush my teeth, not having any time to eat.

7:30 a.m.=I sit in first period class, after getting off the bus, where I spent the last 15 minutes with a pack of screaming children, and try to "rest" in my hard seat and desk. I get yelled at by my teacher, whom hasn't brushed her teeth in a month, and get 2 days of after-school detention.
I wipe my sleepy eyes and try to focus on my algebra book, which has crude drawings in it. I speak to my teacher about this, whom just screams at me again for not having permission to speak. Two more nights detention.

12:30 p.m=I sit alone in the cafeteria, where all the seats are taken by the "popular" people, who are too busy texting and listening to their mp3 players to acknowledge my existence. I sit at a table in the corner, where 3-day-old fries cause a horrible smell, and cause me to lose my appetite. Oh well, I have no lunch money anyway. The janitor leans against the wall and eyes me carefully. His nose hairs are so long, I feel a strange urge to braid them. I lay my head down on the table, and a cafeteria worker yells at me to wake up.

3:00 p.m.=I arrive home from school, lugging almost all the contents of my locker in my backpack. I sit down and do and hour and a half of my homework, before going to softball practice.

8:30 p.m.=Covered in dirt from practice, I only have time to eat a Hot Pocket and continue the rest of my homework.

11:00 p.m.=With an unfinished project still due, I collapse on my bed, knowing the next day I will obtain further punishment for my unfinished assignment. I groan and crawl under the covers. Thoughts of problems at school cause me to not sleep, and before I know it the alarm clock sounds off and the cycle repeats.

To be blunt = SCHOOL SUCKS!
School sucks! I can't wait for Summer Vacation! Get me out of this hellhole the government forced me to spend 13 years of my life! SOS! SOS!
by Lunar Escape June 08, 2007
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The incorrect spelling of Edgar Allan Poe. Usually used by poet-wannabes and emo kids, thinking that if they claim that "POE IS MY HERO!!1", it'll make them a better poet. Sadly, stating this does not make their cruddy emo "poetry" any better.
However, Edgar Allan Poe is a wonderful poet, despite all the poseurs.
Intelligent individual: "Oh dear God..."
by Lunar Escape December 31, 2008
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In my opinion, the 2 (or 3) worst years of life you will have attending school.
The teachers are there to teach you crap you will most likely never use more than 50% of it in life. They're there to give you 3 hours of homework per night, and give you 2 nights of detention a week for doing something harmless.
The popular kids like the same bands, usually wear the same clothes, and are there to make you feel like absolute shit.
Mostly, your friends will talk behind your back, unless you're lucky to find one good, trust-worthy friend who won't dump you.
The girls are sluts, the boys are perverts, and most of the time you'll feel alone and blue. Relationships usually don't last more than a week or two.
Everyone and their dog has a Myspace, which are usually full of pictures of the popular kids and their friends, having a good time, making you feel more and more like shit.
Basically, everything makes you feel like shit.
6th graders always anticipate joining Middle School, but near the middle of 7th grade, you're screaming "GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!"
Drama is around every corner.
Middle School sucks.
Tommy: "Did you hear about Sally?"
Jimmy: "No, what happened to her?"
Tommy: "She killed herself."
Jimmy: "Woah! Why?"
Tommy: "Middle School bites, man."
by Lunar Escape June 08, 2007
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1. An exclamation used when in pain or shock.

2. The indie Jesus.
1. Guy: "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater! That fucking hurt!"

2. Person: "So I ran into Jesus at Urban Outfitters today..."
by Lunar Escape January 11, 2009
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A single female. Struggling and trying to balance working to provide for child, raising her child, and still having some time to herself. Usually, the father either left her because he was too much of a pussy to handle fatherhood, or more tragically, died and left the mother to care for their child alone.
Poor Stacey, struggling with school work, working a night shift and being a single mom all at the same time! But she still manages to love and care for her baby despite the hardships.
by Lunar Escape October 06, 2007
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