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(noun) annoying people that interupt you from watching TV
Damn it mom, stop acting like a Jahova, I'll do my homework later.
by Luis January 01, 2005
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some1 who is from da ES YAH ..YA KNOW!!
(el salvador for da retards who dnt know wut es mean)
"Damn look at that fine ass Guanaca girl"
by luis March 21, 2005
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Spanish nickname for Enrique. Enrique equivelent of English Henry
by Luis July 22, 2003
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A sound effect used for any type of motion , action or for anything in general that requires a sound effect. Interchangeable with Ka-Kung!
Jp threw a knife and I went "KUNG" and deflected it.
by Luis February 20, 2005
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Extraneous lint or dust entrapped within the region of the gooch, grundle, asshole, or nuts of an individual.
"That fucker left his monkey dust on my toilet seat!"
by Luis November 19, 2003
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Established Winter of '04. Used to describe the act of flopping around on the sofa all Sunday long. One resembles a Flounder out of water flopping as it gasps for air, in its case, water.
We floundered all day and loved it.
by Luis March 04, 2005
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mortuary box, funeral box
Other discoveries include the grave box of Caiphas the high priest
by Luis May 29, 2007
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