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A fictitious word introduced in Mary Poppins. Thought to be a nonsense word, but it contains elements of real Greek and Latin roots:

super: above, over, extreme
cali: beauty
fragilistic: delicate
expiali: to atone, to make amends
docious: educable, able to learn
Put together, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" translates roughly to "atoning for educability through delicate beauty" or "atoning for extreme and delicate beauty while remaining highly educable".
by Lorelili July 17, 2011

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Sexually arousing material (film, book, pictures or otherwise) that are also of a loving, romantic nature. It can be geared toward straight and gay/lesbian audiances. Also see slash, yuri, yaoi, among others.

As opposed to pornography, which usually is just for the sexual aspect. Pornography has been critcized by feminists as degrading to women.
Homosexual erotica...

"Jonathan embraced David, running his hand through the soft, raven curls of David's hair. David planted soft kisses along his sweetheart's cheek, before their lips met passionately... Jonathan, aching for the feel his beloved David, kissed his way down David's exposed bosom, flicking his tongue lightly over a taut nipple. David moaned in ecstacy. Jonathan growled playfully, his voice husky with desire, tracing his fingertips over his lover's soft flesh, running them from David's belly down to his thigh."
by Lorelili August 15, 2005

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Your lover, significant other, darling, or what ever pet name that you have for your sweetie.

A beloved person, be they family member, friend, or lover/life partner.

Somebody who is very dear, sweet, and kind.
Why should we be branded with a label because of our sexuality? We're lovers, sweethearts. "Sweethearts" was what we used among ourselves before "lesbian", "homosexuality", "queer", and "gay" really entered the picture. We didn't name it, we did it.

"Cara mia"- "my darling"
"Mon cher"- " "
"A ghaoil"- "O love"
"A rúin"- " "
"A leannain"- "Sweetheart"
"Mo ghràdh"- "My love"
"Cariad"- "Beloved"

Etc etc.
by Lorelili March 19, 2005

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A plastic doll that is targeted at little girls. A tall, thin blonde with a fake tan and a 24/7 smile and unblinking eyes, not to mention a head that turns 360 degrees. A doll that represents a limited and unrealistic view of women.

She seems to gain a new sister every year or so, but why have we never seen their mother? Barbie is probably hiding the fact that she regularly has sex with Ken... but then, she has no uterus and her hips are too narrow for carrying a child, and Ken is likely bisexual, if not gay. Seriously, where is she getting all of these "baby sisters" and what is the nature of her relationship with Ken?
For a women to have Barbie's body, she would have to be 7'2'', weigh 120 lbs, have an 18''-23'' waist, a 38''-45'' bust, 36'' hips, and a neck twice the length of a normal human neck. Barbie would have to crawl around on all fours just to support her unnatural proportions if she were a human.
by Lorelili September 16, 2006

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(Of a woman's body) Large-breasted. Very busty women are often buxom, plump, and voluptuous in body.

Men tend to like busty women more, and feel that they've died and gone to heaven when they see a lady with breasts the size of honeydew melons.
Plump women are usually the busty ones; thin women often don't have naturally large breasts, like Britney Spears, for instance.

Often it depends on your genetics; some thin women have naturally large breasts while some don't.
by Lorelili March 19, 2005

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Subtle or not-so-subtle implications to sexual activity in an otherwise seemingly innocuous phrase. It's excellent if you have a dirty/weird sense of humor.
Some luscious examples of innuendo-

Q: "What's brown, oval, hairy, delicious, and contains a thin, whitish liquid? It begins with 'c' and ends with 't'."
A: "Cocoanut"

Q: "What does a cow have that a woman has only two of?"
A: "Legs"

Q: "What does a man do standing up, a woman do sitting down, and a dog do on three legs?"
A: "Shake hands"

Q: "This thing is long, thin, has a collection of bristles on one end, is enjoyed by both sexes, and is inserted into a warm, wet orface. When it's removed, the cavity that it was placed into is filled with a thick, white liquid. What is it?"
A: "Your toothbrush"

"I'm a pianist. I love to play with my organ, too."

"The meeting just started. Are you coming?"

"I have to pick up prescriptions for the kids. I need MYCOXAFLOPPIN, MYDIXADRUPIN, DIXAFIX, and IBEPOKIN."

-"What type of whale was Moby Dick?"
-"Um... a semen whale"
-"... (snickering)"
-"Don't you mean sperm whale?"

"What I hate about cleaning (replace the word 'cleaning' with the word 'sex') is that I'm never sure where to put it. I have to find a place where it looks nice. And I also have to get down on my knees and go where it smells bad."

"'Pet My Pussy Barbie' comes with her cat and everything you see here."

And so the town cheered as the girl stuck the oil drill into the crevice.
by Lorelili December 18, 2005

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In Greek and Roman mythology, a nymph is a nature spirit in the guise of an attractive maiden. Inhabiting forests, fields, caves, mountains, lakes, the sea, nymphs often suffered the attentions of men, notably those of the gods; the free-spirited Daphne turned herself into a laurel tree to avoid Apollo's amorous advances.

Today, "nymph(ette)" refers to a sultry but too-young girl or to a nymphomaniac, a woman who has an insatiable sexual appetite (i.e., a woman who has the sexual drive of a man).
The nymph Calypso, selfishly thinking of her own desires, kept the miserable, long-suffering Odysseus on her island as a prisoner, hoping to win his love, ignoring that he wanted to return to his family.
by Lorelili November 10, 2006

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