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Some of the greatest people around. People who have everyhting they will ever need or want in their reach.
I would like to see a few Long Islanders tear Brokelynguy a new asshole...
by LongIs September 9, 2004
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NY's last surviving street racing scene. On any given Fri/Sat night you can see people doing laps, or racing in the industrial parks. Was a cool place to chill 10 or more years back until the import scene came along.
Nationally known, DPA's counterparts Hempstead Tnpk, and Francis lewis Blvd are no more..
by LongIs October 7, 2004
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NPR= National Propaganda Radio.
The left wing newsradio for sheep.
Today on NPR I learned that we really need to be accepting to those what want us enilated.
by LongIs October 5, 2004
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"paved roads such as the Union Turnpike"

THE Union Tnpk? Who the fuck say's "The"? It's Union Turnpike assfuck. You have never been around here have you?
Lock yourself in a cage in Upstate Orange County where you are from and throw away the key. Just make sure the computer is far enough away from you.
by LongIs November 24, 2004
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Wow Brooklynguy, you must have worked pretty hard to get that "half" in there and everything!
I bet this kid from Upstate Newburgh is 5'6". Oh sorry, and a half.
by LongIs March 4, 2005
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