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A person with very little working knowledge of the real world. A person whose job is to draw a red X to approximate a location on a map. A job given to chimpanzees to make them feel important.
“Hey Matt, how come that new girl in the office doesn’t do anything but paint her nails and talk on the phone?”

“Don’t mind her, she is a Red X'er, she doesn’t do anything! Although I did give her the Cincinnati bowtie in the break room”
by Lomy August 26, 2008
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To take someone on usually means to have sex with them, sometimes it refers to pulling or scoring them.
"Did you get far with that girl last night Dave?"
"Yep, took her home and took her on".

"Sarah's up for it, she's gonna take someone on"
by LoMy February 21, 2014
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People that are obsessed with Twitter
"Hey John, are you still dating that chick that does nothing but Tweet all day long"

"Yea, I sure am, she is a total Nittwitter"
by LOMY March 20, 2009
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A person who is given a simple task at his/her job. The most difficult part of the job is comparable to drawing a red X on a sheet of paper using a crayon. A person whose job could easily be given to either a chimpanzee or a preschooler.
“Can you give this work to Mike and make sure he has it done by Friday”

“Mike? He is a total Red X’er, you would be better off giving the work to my pet ferret”
by LOMY September 17, 2008
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Acronym for Young Teenage Slut, where the Teen is at or above the legal age of consent.
How was that party last night, John?
Great - wall to wall YTS! Banged a 19 year old YTS!
by LoMy June 20, 2016
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Cumming inside a pussy during unprotected sex
Jason, why don't you like to use rubbers?

Because I **LOVE** boxcumming!!!
by LoMy September 25, 2017
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To cum inside a female's box during unprotected sex.
Jack, did you use a condom last night with Sally?

Nah, she let me boxcum inside her pussy. Says she loves the smooth feel of a bare dick.
by LoMy September 25, 2017
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