21 definition by Lo

A straight person who has as much taste as a queer does. ie, fashion, grooming sense, etc.
Tim is queer-eyed when it comes to clothes.
by Lo July 29, 2003

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short for black accent, the way a stereotypical black person talks. usually used by white trash
like if someone says "yo nig, wuzzup in this shiznat"
by lo July 07, 2004

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Used by Snoop
Wait a minizzle
by LO November 27, 2003

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i used to think townies were freaks, but i had some{meaning 2} townie friends, so i didnt hate them all.
but then i was in town with my friends{non townies, ie. ggpgmm greebo/goth/punk/grunge/me-mi}and all these townies started chasing us. they kept screaming that they were going to kill us, so we just walked away. but they followed us, so my mates freind, christian{unfortunate name, as he is an atheist} went and punched one of them and they went away, screamin that they would get us one day. so, now i think that they are a bunch of arse-holes, who are pollouting this plannet and need to die.
townies suck. kill them all!
by Lo May 17, 2004

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an unmentionably ugly individual who undergoes a serious makeover.
that bitch musta got hauled-over, cuz she is FFFINE now!
by Lo June 19, 2006

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those things the muslims wear !!!!
Look at that lovely achitne shes wearing!

Her mom is wearing a beautifully muslim colored achitne.
by lo February 19, 2005

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1.Used during World War 2, It would used by both sides of the conflict. It was also used In Korea and IN Vietnam.

It Is best used best when soliders get behind a pill box and Roast it Or
Take out Enemies from caves or Bunkers.

2.Someone one who ruins a goth person's shit.
Bring In those Damn Flamethrowers, Those gunners are pinnin' us Down!
by Lo March 24, 2004

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