People in utah use this word...and it actually means to ditch
Hey lets sluff next period because we are COOL!!!..............
by yayman October 19, 2007
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"I was going to sluff class today, but the security guard busted me on my way out of the school."
by Lo February 21, 2004
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A sluff is a short, little, ugly ,fat, fucker.
Bob you are the biggest sluff I've ever met.
by Dwayne Higgins July 11, 2011
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Used most commonly in the Western U.S., sluffing (probably derived from the word 'to slough') is synonymous with skipping class, cutting class, or ditching class.
Do you want to sluff third period with me?
I totally missed the test on Wednesday; I sluffed and went out to coffee instead.
by dashdotdot January 5, 2007
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To add a card of no importance, or rank, from ones hand onto a trick in a round of cards.
Joe led the round of cards with a king of hearts, Mary followed suit with the ten of hearts, Kelly took the trick with the ace of hearts, and I sluffed off the two of clubs.
by woman at home October 1, 2009
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In Amtgard and other LARP groups, to sluff means to not take a hit from another player.

A sluffer is someone who does this on a regular basis.
Jack: Hey, Bob didn't take that shot!
Jane: Way to sluff, Bob!
by Glomper August 19, 2006
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