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A word used by dumbasses who don't know that the proper word is ho. Unless you're actually here to research about gardening tools
Niggalations: that girl is sucha hoe!!!

Cheeks destroyer: boi did you just call her a gardening tool
by LilMinecraftGamers October 1, 2019
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insecure conservative white boys who think being racist, misogynistic, and homophobic is funny.

Typically these swarms of incels stay on TikTok and jerk each other off to their unfunny "dark humor"

Most of this occurs from not getting enough attention as a child, not getting any pussy whatsoever, or not having any friends

Oh, and they all worship Ben Shaprio unironically
Hey, that guy is sitting at the lunch table alone

Don't talk to him, he's part of "the boys"
by LilMinecraftGamers January 21, 2021
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Got famous from a mediocre country song with a trap beat. He gained recognition in early 2019 for its unique way of incorporating both country and hip hop to create a subgenre (Country Rap
Lil Nas X is trash Lil Tracy did it better!
by LilMinecraftGamers April 22, 2019
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Chief Keef, known alternatively as Sosa is probably one of the biggest contributors of today's hip hop state. He became one of the most influential rappers in 2012 for his studio album named Finally Rich. The crazy thing about him is that he was 16 when he made that album, he pretty much created mumble rap and rappers like Lil Pump, Kodak Black and more
Friend 1: Sosa sucks! I only listen to the greats like Lil Pump. Gucci Gang is my fav!!
Me: Bitch Chief Keef made Gucci Gang
by LilMinecraftGamers May 18, 2019
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An upbeat swinging genre of music most notably played for the Cantina music in star wars

*Seriously thats what it is look it up*
Dude 1: Omg I just jizzed so hard.
Dude 2: Nigga, what?
by LilMinecraftGamers December 14, 2019
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When a reply gets more likes than the original tweet or post, usually a sign of superiority of the replier and a moment of utter embarrassment for OP
Tweeter: I think Pineapple belongs on Pizza *7 likes*
Replier: Ratioed *771 likes*
by LilMinecraftGamers December 28, 2021
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