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Synonym for homosexual. Derived from the former governer of NJ, the homosexual James McGreevey.
Take that mans penis out of your ass, don't be a McGreevey!
by Lexicon Master October 14, 2004

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1. Dressing well, as to attend a formal function.
2. In youth culture, dressing in a manner which is comparable to that of a prostitute.
1. His wife really got done up for the company dinner.

2. I still need to get done up before I give blowjobs in the mall men's room.
by Lexicon Master September 03, 2003

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A ghetto saying, often combined with a raised palm, that indicates the speaker is no longer listening. Usually used in response to something offensive or critical.
Girl you just talk to the hand, cuz I don't need to know who this baby daddy!!
by Lexicon Master September 03, 2003

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A lighting effect, created by illuminating an opaque object from the rear, causing a glow around the edges.
Most Lord & Taylor signs are back lit.
by Lexicon Master November 14, 2003

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I just smoked 14 joints and drank 67 beers. I am ripped!
by Lexicon Master September 15, 2003

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The act of getting an living child torn from your womb and murdered, legally.
Sally: I just heard you're six months along, congratulations!
Jessica: Yeah, well, I found out that I'm due around prom, so I'm just going down to the clinic to oj my baby!
Sally: Oh my god, you're oj-ing your baby?
Jessica: You only get to go to prom once in your life, bitch! My body, my choice!
by Lexicon Master January 26, 2006

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HardCore Bingo Fanatic

(1)One Who regulary partakes in the game of bingo
(2)Compulsive Gambler

Cases most commonly found in the Geriatric age-group although there are rare cases in which young men are infected by this condition.

As yet no cure has been found
Ian you are one outa control HCBF
by Lexicon Master October 14, 2004

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