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To be followed or surrounded by an entourage of friends who never seem to be able to afford your lifestyle and thus sponge off you.
Standing at the bar ordering a drinks, everyone put their order in but when it came to paying, no one seemed to have cash. Excuses ranged from, "I lost my wallet in the toilet cubicle", "forgot my pin number at the atm" to "promise the next round is mine". My spongetourage is truly well and following me.
by leilawurm May 11, 2013

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A job initially completely underestimated in size but going ahead anyway with same budget in place.
Please do not be offended by the decisions made under the constraints of this little joblet!
by leilawurm April 18, 2013

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An expression of astonishment to be used by women who, while attending a busy event and nature calls, walk into a public toilet to find no queue ahead and a cubicle open.
Lady 1 "I was rocking at the concert last night and you won't believe what happened?"
Lady 2 "Tell me tell me."
Lady 1 "There was no queue in loo and I just walked straight into a cubicle. I was totally bogsmacked, that never happens!".
Lady 2 "No way!.
by leilawurm December 12, 2014

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The partner in a relationship who is awarded the task of operating the alarm clock and thus becoming the snooze operator. This can either be beneficial or detrimental to either or both parties especially if the operator has a penchant for multiple morning snoozes.
"Jeez honey, I am going to be late for work, you are a terrible "snooze operator"!"
by leilawurm March 19, 2014

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When your girlfriend buys you beer, she is enbeered to you! You will immediately look at her with love. A very enbeering thing to do. (endeared)
"You won't believe that my girlfriend thought to buy me beer before the bottle store closed!"
"Really, that is so thoughtful."
"Yes I am enbeered to her for life, what and enbeering quality!"
"Right on."
by leilawurm November 05, 2013

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The complete opposite of a triathlete, some one who does no physical exercise whatsoever, can be called a trynothlete.
You know he just lies on the couch all day, he is a total trynothlete!
by leilawurm October 25, 2015

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Just as products have sell-by dates for when the contents are deemed to be inedible, people who fancy themselves as charmers, should have flirt-by dates for when their flirtatious behaviour is deemed to be more than a little off putting. This is most likely the result of old age.
"Did you hear Jane caught John flirting with some young chick again and this time divorce is on the cards"
"Well I guess his flirt-by date is up!"
by leilawurm October 22, 2015

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