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The superlative form of the word hilarious is formed by combining 'fucking' and 'hilarious' to create fularious. Fugly is a similar contraction that adds fucking to the front of an everyday term to add emphasis.
Barry: I'd pay money to watch Mike Tyson chili dog Jenna Jameson. That would be hilarious.
Lazy: Me too. Imagine him giving her a dirty sanchez afterwards all while he is wearing his boxing gloves. That would be fularious!
by Lazynutz August 04, 2005

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Exceedingly large nipple area on a chick.
Renee looked good until she took off her shirt and exposed her cookie nipples. I nearly puked when I saw those fuckers.
by Lazynutz June 24, 2005

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To have swollen and saggy balls hanging below the end of your penis. This phenomenon is more common after a hot shower, sauna, or sitting down in the same place for an extended period of time.
After getting out of the shower, Lance was able to seduce Kendra with is gargantuan lazynutz.
by Lazynutz June 17, 2005

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A lethal cock. One look at a flesh harpoon and a woman is instantly seduced into riding said harpoon for hours.
Stacy was being a prude holdout bitch so I had to whip out my flesh harpoon and pull her in for the kill.
by Lazynutz June 27, 2005

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Humping your fist with your flesh harpoon.
Marcy walked into her bathroom only to discover David yanking it in front of her sink.
by Lazynutz June 27, 2005

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An online dating service such as lavalife where you basically look through an online menu of girls and try to arrange a hookup. High volume traders on the seadonkey exchange frequently arrange to meet their prospective piece of ass in a public place so that if they end up being butt ugly they can easily bail on the chick. Other times, guys will have their friends go to the prospective girls place of employment to see if she is too nasty to hit up. It is a Generally Accepted Seadonkey Principle (GASP), that 95% of the girls on seadonkey exchange websites are repulsive. Yet, some men are attracted to the fuck and chuck aspect of the whorish online women. Seadonkey exchanges should be used sparingly and only in times of desparation as they will most certainly result in a large ashamed list.
Barry: Hey Levi, can you go to REI and see if this chick that works there is worth my time?
Levi: Did you meet her on the seadonkey exchange Barry?
Barry: Yeah, what's the big deal?
Levi: It's just that you already have the biggest ashamed list of anybody I know by far. You sure you want to do this?
Barry: Yeah man, I really need some head and my back massaging tool just doesn't get me off like it used to.
by Lazynutz July 04, 2005

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When you hit a girl and she is a butter face, she gets added to your ashamed list. Nobody ever talks about their ashamed list, they just get made fun of by their friends for it.
After nailing 18 Cheeseburger Ass, Barry added another tick to his already lengthy ashamed list.
by Lazynutz June 24, 2005

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