204 definitions by Laura

something idiots confuse with a tomato.
yummmm, what was in that salsa? Potato?
by Laura July 04, 2003
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I love you so much... in internet lingo.
by Laura January 01, 2005
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cross between freak and retard
Like, omg! Meg is such a freaktard!
by Laura October 01, 2004
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The word stupid people use when they REALLY mean to say "convulse" or "converge."
I'm so stupid my head is convulging.
by Laura December 28, 2003
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Chilly Nipple Syndrome
When i walked outside all the boys heads turned, and their pants tightend... for i was suffering some severe CNS.
by Laura January 22, 2005
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South African for dude.
"I heard Usher's got a new song."
"Yeah, my china flipping rocks."
by Laura December 05, 2004
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a cup of coffe not beer as some people think
hey pour me a cup o joe.
by Laura January 16, 2004
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