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The 'crabhammer' is quite simply a sexual maneuver.

1. the girl gives the guy a blowjob
2. the guy comes in the girl's mouth
3. the guy rolls onto back, and smacks the girl with the sole of his right foot, then his left
4. the guy rolls back up, and pushes the girl backwards (kinda rolling her upside down)
5. the guy sticks his index and middle fingers (of each hand) into the girl's ass, and pulls it open
6. insert scrotum into rectum
7. remove fingers
8. bounce up and down
9. Congratulations! you have completed the crabhammer
Guy: so in my dream I give this chick the crabhammer, and then she makes me a bologna sandwich as I jackhammer her while rawhide is playing on my stereo

Therapist: well... i guess that would mean that you have some feelings of latent affection towards her...

Guy: dude... are you fucking kidding me?
by LarryVR March 16, 2007
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The act of binding a persons hands and feet or until the person is totally restrained, then a crab or any other crustacean with pincers is inserted into the pants (crochial region) and is let loose, preferably angrily, after this is done there must be punching of the croch which induces pain (sometimes pleasure) and also increased anger to the crustacean.
Billy wouldn't give me my damn tree fiddy so we decided to give him a good ol' fashion crab hammer!
by Ultad January 06, 2008
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