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An sci-fi horror game, featuring spaceships, zombies, dismemberment, telekinesis and more awesome things.

When playing it, in normal condition, it will make guys crap their pants and girls burst into tears.

When playing it, while being stoned, you will first crap your pants and then nearly laugh yourself into a coma, everytime a zombie shows up.
white guy: "i'm gonna play dead space"
*zombie shows up*
white guy: "GEEZUS!!!"

black guy: "imma gonna play dead space'
*zombie shows up*
black guy: "OH SHIT NIGGA!!!"

stoned guy: "duuuude, i'm gonna play dead space"
*zombie shows up*
stoned guy: "GEEZUS!!! ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
by lalliman May 18, 2011
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an actor who often plays the role of "the wise black man".

he is the secret identity of god.
other religions refer to him as allah or buddha.

people found out about this because he played god in "bruce almighty".
morgan freeman is god! pray to morgan freeman!
by lalliman March 29, 2011
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the only person who can survive being jumped on the head by super mario.

the only person who can look chuck norris in the eyes, without instantly exploding.

the only person who wears 200 pounds of gold chains 24/7.

the reason why the roman empire, the nazi's and sovjet russia no longer exist.

just by reading this, you are pitied by him.

his name is Mr. T.

russian: 'in sovjet russia, fools pity Mr. T!'
Mr T.: *punches russian in the chest* stop saying jibba jabba, fool!
by lalliman February 07, 2011
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The act of pouring molten gold onto someones head, almost certainly killing him/her.

*spoilers* The most well known example is seen in Game of thrones, where Drogo kills Viserys by giving him a Midas bukkake.
A Midas bukkake is a badass way of killing someone, without shedding blood.
by Lalliman September 08, 2012
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Shameless Way Of Please (the) Male Audience.

A tactic used in movies and video games to attract a bigger audience, by the addition of skimpily clad females or by sex scenes that are irrelevant to the story. Mostly found in MMORPGs and generic action movies.

The main reason why actresses like Megan Fox are being hired, despite lacking any real acting abilities.
Examples of SWOPMA filled movies are Tomb Raider, Transformers and Sucker Punch.
by Lalliman January 10, 2013
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1. verb, having sex without a condom.
2. John Mactavish, the biggest badass in call of duty 4.
3. verb, undergoing a series of harmfull and/or violent actions, which should have killed you, but instead you survive. called like this because of above mentioned John Mactavish, and what happened to him at the end of cod 4.
i don't have a condom, so i'll just go mactavish.

guy #1: he got hit by three cars and survived it!
guy #2: he pulled a mactavish!
by lalliman March 06, 2011
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1. fascist bastard responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people.
2. the worst facial hair there is. if you go outside with a hitler moustache, you'll get your ass kicked by a hundred angry jews.
guy #1: hey, look at my new stache!
guy #2: you can't go out with that hitler moustache, you'll get your ass kicked!
by lalliman March 06, 2011
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