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a cute girl you would love to take care of. She makes you dream about her.
Damn that is one fine katyusha
by Laconic March 23, 2004
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Kick-Ass anime with a frankenstein twist. The lead is called Ryu Soma and he flies some jet plane robot hybrid and totally kicks ass with his scarred face.
Damn that argentosoma kicks ass
by Laconic March 23, 2004
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For all you stupid dumb fucks out there who wrote definitions for communism, socialism is a cross between communism and capitalism. It actually works, most people dont realize that Germany is technically socilist and it is one of the top five richest countries in the world.
Contrary to common belief, socialism only has four fuckin syllables.
by Laconic August 6, 2003
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1)A cat/rabbit/skunk who has this wind ring and can hover for a short period of time.
2)Hero of some of the greatest games ever. Friendly, Caring and Daring: Klonoa will never let you down. Only Problem is that Klonoa only exists in dreams

3)A Playstation character
Klonoa is such a fun game.
by Laconic March 23, 2004
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Elijah is a name. That’s it. He usually won’t care and has a dark sense of humour.
Girl “hey Elijah”
Elijah “what”
Girl “want to go eat somewhere
Elijah “nah I’m good
by Laconic February 3, 2022
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