Probably one of the most underrated video game series out there.
by ChuckRoast December 25, 2008
1)A cat/rabbit/skunk who has this wind ring and can hover for a short period of time.
2)Hero of some of the greatest games ever. Friendly, Caring and Daring: Klonoa will never let you down. Only Problem is that Klonoa only exists in dreams

3)A Playstation character
Klonoa is such a fun game.
by Laconic March 23, 2004
A fox/cat-like character with long ears. Think of Tails from Sonic, take the tails, put them on his ears, make him black, and put what look like surgical gloves on his ears. Voila. Klonoa. Oh, and give him a wardrobe in only primary colours. Also known as the 'Dream Traveler' he speaks in a series of combinations of the words 'Wahoo' and 'Loople-do'. The only word I've heard him say other than those is his own name.
Wahoo! Wahoo wahoo! Loople-do! Klonoa wahoople-do!
by MasterOfEvil August 14, 2004
King of foot fetishes
He's such a Klonoa
by VideoGameFan718 November 6, 2017
A ban-hammer used only by the greatest of Klonoa fans.
I now ban you with my KLONOA-HAMMA!
by Grimblade April 15, 2009